Stall Holder Terms and Conditions

By paying the stallholders fee, you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Sunbeam Events.

  • Bookings are received strictly on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

  • Sunbeam Events reserve the right to reject bookings, on the grounds that the type of business or craft stall being booked is unsuitable for the Event or due to the previous conduct by a stallholder or for any other reason given by Sunbeam Events.

  • Stall fee includes one table, if you require more tables then a second stall fee will need to be paid, the size of the table may vary depending on the venue, outdoor events you will need to provide your own table and marquee if needed.

  • Where appropriate; one or two chairs will be provided as required

  • FREE entry will be given for the stallholders and staff

  • Business stallholders can hand out flyers and information from their stalls, but must not walk round the venue handing out flyers or information to shoppers.(without prior consent)

  • We will decide on arrangement of stalls and send to stall holders before Event but reserve the right to decide the arrangement and allocation of stalls on Event days.

Event Day & Cancellations:

  • Sunbeam Events cannot be held responsible for the lack of sales or the number of customers. Therefore, in the instance that the stallholder is not happy with the amount of customers that attend an event, stall fees are non-refundable.

  • Due to adverse weather conditions events may be postponed, Sunbeam events can not be held responsible for loss of sales or financial loss due to this.

  • Our doors open to stallholders 1 hours before the doors open to the shoppers. This should allow plenty of time to set up your stall in a presentable manner. We suggest that you allow at least 1 hour for the preparation of your stall.

  • Any unpacked stock or rubbish should be cleared from walkways and front of stall before Event opening time.

  • On Outside events cars maybe parked behind stalls but must not be move during event times.

  • Do not arrive earlier than 1 hour before the event as set up will not be available. (Unless prior consent from Sunbeam Events)

  • Please let us know if power is essential for your stall on booking, any extension leads required must be supplied by stall holders. Any wires on floors must be covered with tape or wire cover to follow health and safety rules. Sunbeam Events will do our best to provide power to your stall if essential however this cannot be guaranteed.

  • All business stallholders MUST forward a copy of their certificate of Public Liability Insurance to Sunbeam Events prior to the Event day.

  • Sunbeam Events accept no responsibility for any transaction entered into at the Event venue.

  • Stallholders are responsible for their own stall security and monies. No responsibility is taken by the organisers for theft, loss or damage to items. Sunbeam Events accept no liability for the theft, loss or damage of any personal items for sale from the stallholders stalls or other items within the boundaries of the event. All persons who enter the Event area do so at their own risk.

  • If a stallholder is not able to attend a Event they have pre-booked for, the stallholder fee is non-refundable. We may consider transfer to another date, pending availability and circumstance.

  • Should an event be cancelled, stallholders will receive a 100% refund of stall fee paid.

  • If an event is postponed due to weather and stallholders can not make the new date, stall fees are non-refundable.

End of Event:

  • Stallholders must adhere to Event opening hours and should pack up only when the organisers declare the venue closed and due to health and safety regulations must not leave the event early. Once the Event has closed, stallholders and their belongings must vacate the building within 45 minutes.

  • Stallholders must remove all waste, litter and unsold items from the venue when leaving the event. Sunbeam Events reserve the right to dispose of any items left behind following an event. Please leave your stall area the way you found it.

  • Stallholders will be financially accountable for any damages they cause to the Event venue. It is NOT allowed to hang, stick, tape, glue, nail, screw or in any other way affix items to any wall, door, floor, curtain or any other part of the building during the event. Do NOT drag large items across the floors of the venue, if you cannot pick up an item by yourself, request help from one of the Sunbeam Events staff.

Health & Safety:

  • Sunbeam Events are committed to providing, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of Health, Safety and Welfare at each event. Under Health & Safety legislation, Stallholders are responsible for the safety of their table/stall, i.e. setting items up in a safe & secure manner to avoid accidents and the stallholder agrees to indemnify Sunbeam Events against all claims arising out of negligence on the part of the stallholder and/or their helpers. Stallholders are responsible for all activities that take place on their stall throughout the event and any actions that could affect others as a result of their activity. Stallholders who do not adhere to these guidelines will be asked to leave the event. If you choose to bring along children at the event, it is the stallholders responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing is met at all times during the event.

  • The stallholder agrees to indemnify Sunbeam Events against all claims for damages or injury to the property or person of any persons in respect of any claim by any such person arising out of any faulty or dangerous products sold by the stallholder or his agents or servants.

  • Sunbeam Events shall not be held responsible for the non-compliance by a stallholder with any Law, By-law, Regulation, Act or Statute.